Homemade  Chocolate Modak Recipe

Easy, quick and delicious

This Modak is

Made with just 3 ingredients

Melt in mouth treat

Rich, creamy and sweet

Chocolate flavored

Chocolate Modak is an easy recipe to make for Ganesh Chaturthi and are an excellent treat to share during the festive season.


Make the chocolate Mawa Mixture by adding mawa, sugar, cocoa powder, and cardamom to a pan. Cook until it's well combined, leaves the pan and holds shape. 

Step 1-4

Turn heat off. Add the chopped nuts and keep stirring until the mixture is slightly cool (luke warm). Grease the modak mold and divide the mixture into 20-21 portions. 

Step 5-8

Roll each ball until smooth and shiny. Place inside the mold, close and remove carefully. 

Step 9-12

Place Chocolate modak  on a plate to set

They will be shiny and soft at the beginning and turn matt and firm (not hard) as they set.

Chocolate Modak are ready!!

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