Easy and Quick

This  Indian Clarified Butter (Ghee) is

Nutty with sweet flavor

Shelf Stable

High smoke point

Cheaper than buying

Ready in 30 mins

Making ghee at home is very easy and once you try homemade ghee, you will never buy the store-bought ones. You need just 1 ingredient and 30 mins to make it!


Add unsalted butter (2lbs, 32 ounces) to Instant Pot on saute normal mode (1). It will melt (2) , then froth and bubble (3) and eventuallly froth will clear (4).

Step 1-4

Milk Solids start separating (5). Tiny fizzy bubbles fill the surface (6).  Turn off the Pot when it looks like in pic (7).  It will still continue to simmer (8).

Step 5-8

After simmering, milk solids brown and settle at the bottom and Ghee develops a nice golden color (9). Filter through sieve (10,11), cool and store (12). 

Step 9-12

It will be Golden liquid when hot

On cooling, it will turn bright yellow and semi sold.

Perfect Texture!! 


Ghee is ready! 

Stop by ShwetaintheKitchen.com for full recipe using Instant pot and Stovetop along with tips




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