Easy and delicious

These Tortilla Pinwheels are

Loaded with veggies

Can be served hot (baked/air fried) or cold.

Perfect as an appetizer, snacks, or for school lunch

Can be made ahead of time

These vegetarian tortilla pinwheels are loaded with fresh vegetables, cream cheese, and spinach. They are fun, quick, easy to make, and always a hit!


In a mixing bowl, combine cream cheese (softened), spices, veggies and mix well

Step 1-4

Layer tortilla with cream cheese mixture, cheese, red chili flakes, and spinach. Roll tight

Step 5-8

Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour to overnight. Slice each roll into 6-7 evenly sized pieces. Serve as is or bake/air fry to serve warm

Step 9-12

Vegetarian Tortilla Pinwheels are ready!  You can serve these pinwheels cold or warm (baked/air-fried) as appetizers, or snacks with your favorite dipping sauce. They are perfect for school lunch too.


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