Homemade Fresh Squeezed 

Easy and delicious

This Lemonade is

Can be made in Instant pot or stove top

Perfect for parties & gatherings

Simple and refreshing

Made with fresh lemon juice

This Fresh Squeezed Lemonade is the best lemonade recipe you will ever need. You can make the lemonade concentrate and use it to create a single serving or make a big batch in a pitcher for a party, potluck, or simply to enjoy it at home.


Juice the lemons: Wash the lemons and warm them before juicing using the microwave, soaking them in hot water, or rolling them on the countertop.

Step 1-4

Make Lemonade Concentrate: Make a simple syrup with water, sugar, and lemon zest in an Instant pot or stovetop. Cool completely and add fresh lemon juice and salt. Mix and strain into a clean jar. You can refrigerate this lemonade concentrate.

Step 5-8

To make Lemonade: In a Pitcher, add ice, lemonade concentrate, lemon slices, and cold water. Mix until well combined. 

Step 9-12

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade  is ready to serve!!

Serve it chilled garnished with some lemon slices and mint leaves. Add some ice cubes for that extra chill. Enjoy!!

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