Tomato Cucumber Sandwich


Requires no cooking

This Tomato Cucumber Sandwich is

Very customizable

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or picnics and tea parties

Comes together in 10 mins

Quick and easy Summer  meal

Tomato Cucumber Sandwich is a simple and easy sandwich recipe. Layered with juicy tomatoes, and crisp cucumber slices, this sandwich is light, simple, delicious and so refreshing!


Slice the tomato and cucumber into thin slices.  Trim the bread edges

Step 1-4

On one slice, apply butter, and cream cheese on the other. Layer with cucumber, tomatoes, and cucumber again. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and chaat masala. (optional) . Slice and serve

Step 5-8

Easy tomato cucumber sandwich is ready! 

The sandwich is juicy, flavorful and so refreshing.  You can serve it for breakfast, lunch, afterschool snack, high tea party, or as an appetizer.

Great for kids lunchbox too!

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